Chinese Buffet in Phoenix, AZ

Open to the Surrounding Areas

Here at Peony Garden Buffet our ambiance is almost as good as our authentic Chinese food! We are a friendly family restaurant that provides satisfying flavors as well as a comfortable setting for you and your family to gather together.

Family is the foundation that this Chinese buffet was built on, and we pride ourselves on our family-oriented culture. We aim to be the designated place for families to congregate in and enjoy each other's company.

The fantastic dishes that we serve here aim to please everyone, with tantalizing flavors that are sure to meet their mark. Whether you are visiting us for our sushi, American food, or Asian food, we ensure that your meals are made with utmost integrity.

It is our greatest pleasure to invite you and your family to be our guests here at our sushi bar. We only serve quality food and pride ourselves in our unique atmosphere.

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Why Choose Us

  • Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority!
  • Welcoming & Relaxing Atmosphere
  • Family-Friendly Dining